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How Men and Women Name Colors

Shakespeare wrote that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. But would that flower still look the same if we started calling its color "dusty mauve" instead of "rose"? Everyone perceives color differently, so we have trouble coming to a consensus about the some of the names we attach to the colors […]

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Moo to Offer NFC Business Cards

Your business cards speak to potential clients and customers, reminding them of who you are and what you do when you’re not around. But what if those cards could also speak directly to cellphones and other electronics? That would open up all kinds of possibilities for creative communication and commerce. And that’s the thinking behind […]

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Podcast 181

ITUNES RSS FEED DOWNLOAD Listen in your browser: InDesignSecrets-181.mp3 (15 MB, 28:06 minutes) See the Show Notes for links mentioned in this episode. Or view the transcript of this podcast. Out and About: David’s trip to Lindau, Anne-Marie’s trip to California News: Adobe Digital Editions 2.0, Kindle Plug-in for InDesign 0.971, new open source Adobe fonts Data […]

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FourMatch, the lie detector for photos

Back in June, I wrote a story on a new company that was developing software for digital imaging forensics. The company is named Fourandsix Technologies (get it?) and now they’ve released their first commercially available product. It’s called FourMatch and it is a Photoshop extension that provides evidence as to whether a JPEG file has […]

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Pantone's SkinTone Guide

In any photograph prominently featuring people, the skin tones are the most important (and difficult) colors to reproduce. This is because we instinctively have a sense of what skin is supposed to look like, and skin tones are composed of a delicate mix of colors. Get the proportions wrong and you have people with gray, […]

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