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10 Incredible InDesign Features Hiding in Plain View

InDesign Magazine issue 150 coverThis article appeared in Issue 150 of InDesign Magazine.

Some powerful InDesign features are truly hidden, difficult to find inside tabbed dialog boxes or nested menus. But many of InDesign’s best features are “hidden in plain view”: They’re easy to find, but most users still don’t even see them. Often, this blindness stems from not knowing what the feature does (if something’s not meaningful to you, you probably just ignore it). Even if someone knows what a feature does, they may simply glance over it out of habit. The habit of not using one feature is as powerful as the habit of using another.

So, we’re here to try to break some habits, explain some features, and point out the obvious: Ten incredible InDesign features are hiding in plain view. It’s time to find out what they do and why you should use them!

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