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What Kind of InDesign User Are You? (Quiz)

Answer the questions, tally your points, and discover your InDesign personality!


A.   What is your level of InDesign expertise?

  1. I know everything there is to know.
  2. I’m somewhere between “beginner” and “advanced”—it depends on the day.

B.   Do you wish you could be more efficient and productive in InDesign?

  1. No, thanks. I’m comfortable working at a plodding pace while my colleagues harass me about deadlines.
  2. That sounds great! My boss would be into it, too.

C.   Are there cool features you know you could be using in InDesign, but you never get around to learning?

  1. I’m too much of an expert to learn new tricks.
  2. YES! I’m always racing the clock, so it’s hard to set aside time to learn the techniques that could be, ironically, saving me time.

D.   Would you like to spend four days learning how to get the most out of InDesign from experts like David Blatner, Anne-Marie Concepción, Diane Burns, Nigel French, and Erica Gamet?

  1. Learning? Why?
  2. That sounds like a dream come true.

E.   Do you think the people you work for (or with) would appreciate it if you became more productive and efficient?

  1.  I’ve never considered how they feel.
  2.  Of course!

F.   Would you enjoy hanging out with other InDesign users—sharing tips and making great connections?

  1.  Couldn’t. There’s going to be a badminton tournament on TV. Also, I need dust my bobblehead collection.
  2.  Sounds great!

G.  Have you ever experienced the pure joy of learning a new InDesign technique and putting it to use?

  1.  Joy is overrated.
  2.  Absolutely! I love it when that happens.

H.  How about food? Do you like delicious food?

  1.  I don’t eat.
  2.  Are you kidding me? The more delicious, the better.

I.     If you found out that the 15th annual InDesign Conference is happening June 10–13, 2019, in Seattle, and that it will be jam-packed with tons of learning, fun, hot-shot experts, other InDesign users, and fabulous food, how fast would you register?

  1.  Have you seen my bobblehead collection?
  2.  Pronto!

How to score:

Now: tally your points and see what kind of InDesigner you are. Where you answered “1,” give yourself 1 point. Where you answered “2” give yourself 2 points. Add up all your points.

If your sum is over 9, you’re the best kind of InDesigner—one who wants to grow, improve, and enjoy your career. As such, you need to register for The InDesign Conference in Seattle, June 10–13, 2019. (The sooner, the better—space is limited.)

If you scored 9 points or fewer, we encourage you to consider learning even more than you already do and joining us in Seattle. You can even bring your bobblehead collection!

Want to convince your boss that you should attend The InDesign Conference? Use this.

  • Erica Gamet says:

    Bigger question: Where can I get bobbleheads of David Blatner, Anne-Marie Concepción, Diane Burns, and Nigel French?

  • Steve Werner says:

    I wonder if they could be built in Adobe Character Animator? ;-) Anyone want to try?

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