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      Aris K

      In InDesign CC Is there a way to add multiple paragraphs in each list item of a list?

      I’m not talking about nesting levels but e.g a single bulleted or numbered item that is more than one paragraph long.

      while I could “Soft Line Break” — Shift+Enter and then add some spacing, is a better way of doing this?

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      Brent Hautle

      Often what I’ll do is create a second paragraph style with the indent being the same as the bullet point. Then I’ll set up “next style” options and use it whenever I need to. It’s not necessarily automatic, but does work faster than the soft line break and you have some more control over it.

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      Eugene Tyson

      I’d refrain from using soft returns most of the time.

      Creating multiple level paragraph styles will give you far greater control overall.

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