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CreativePro and InDesignSecrets Membership and InDesign Magazine FAQ

Why is InDesign Magazine only available in PDF format? I want a printed version.

We want subscribers from around the world — from Argentina to Denmark, from Japan to New York — to be able to read InDesign Magazine in a timely and affordable manner. By bypassing the need to print, warehouse, and ship a paper version of the magazine, we can keep our costs down and get you the best information as quickly as possible.

Another reason we chose PDF over print is that it allows us to insert interactive elements and hyperlinks in each issue, making it easy to access additional information on the Web or send e-mail to magazine contributors or advertisers. Some articles include video clips or animations embedded into the text so you can watch how an InDesign technique is done.

Of course, we understand that not everybody likes to read on screen, so we’re also exploring ways of providing a print version of the magazine to subscribers in the future.


Can I use a PDF reader other than Acrobat?

We strongly recommend using Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Reader to read InDesign Magazine on Mac OS or Windows. Some people have reported quality problems when they view or print from PDF readers other than Acrobat (such as Mac OS X Preview). If you are reading the magazine on a tablet, such as an iPad, the free Adobe Reader is good, but some other reader apps may be even better, such as PDF Expert or GoodReader.

I’m a student; can I get a discount?

Sure! We were students once; we know how it is. Students and faculty members at accredited schools can get a discounted subscription (proof of current enrollment or employment by an educational institution is required). Download this PDF Order Form for pricing information and ordering options.

I have an InDesign-related product I’d like you to review. Will you?

We are always interested in quality products that help the InDesign professional. Please send product information to editorial [at] creativepro.com.

I have an InDesign technical issue. Can you help?

The goal of InDesign Magazine is to provide as much information as possible to enable you to get the most from InDesign. But much as we’d like to, we can’t reply personally to individual questions, nor can we fix or troubleshoot your machine or InDesign configuration.

We highly recommend you get involved with one of the online forums such as:

InDesign Magazine contributors-and Adobe InDesign engineers-are active on those forums. Chances are someone will have the information you need.

How can I write an article for InDesign Magazine?

Contact our editor-in-chief, Mike Rankin, on our contact page.

Why is the subscription cost for InDesign Magazine higher than some other printed magazines?

Actually, our subscription prices are significantly less than what many industry-specific newsletters, magazines, or journals charge. There are a number of publications that charge hundreds of dollars a year for hardly anything more than reprinting press releases and doing some analysis of current events.

A magazine like the New Yorker can charge so little because of economy of scale: They have so many subscribers that they can easily cover their overhead and charge an enormous amount for advertising. InDesign Magazine has a select number of subscribers. If every InDesign user subscribed, our price structure might be different.

Ultimately, we believe that the magazine’s content is worth the money, or else we wouldn’t be publishing it. It’s like getting the value of several good $35 books per year.


Can I share this PDF with my colleagues?

InDesign Magazine is based on the honor principle. We ask that you please don’t share the issues with friends or colleagues. They can always download a free sample issue from the Web site and subscribe to the magazine if they think it will be valuable.

If more than one person in your workgroup or company would like to read InDesign Magazine, you can get a multi-reader license.

Can’t you just e-mail the issue to me?

Many ISPs limit file size to prevent mailboxes getting full quickly and many IT departments disallow attachments from entering their networks. The ability to manage which issue you download and view is in your control, through your InDesign Magazine account. We will alert you via email when a new issue is out, and give you an easy way to download the newest issue through that alert email. The latest issue will then be available in your account after a few days. 


Why only cover InDesign? What about the other Adobe applications?

InDesign Magazine covers information relevant to InDesign users, including how InDesign works with Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Illustrator, third-party plug-ins, utilities, and other software. However, CreativePro.com offers articles about all these tools!

Does Adobe publish InDesign Magazine?

InDesign Magazine is an independent publication, not an Adobe product. InDesign is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. InDesign Magazine is not endorsed or sponsored by Adobe Systems Incorporated, publisher of InDesign.