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InDesign Keyboard Shortcut Posters for Mac OS X/Windows

Designed and produced by David and Anne-Marie in between podcasts!

Ready to go pro? Hang this beautiful, 4/C poster near your computer and you’ll never be keyboard shortcut-less in InDesign again! At a generous 18″ x 26″, we had plenty of room to include all of InDesign’s keyboard shortcuts in logical, easy-to-read groupings.

No more hunting through Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts to see which ones Adobe didn’t include in the menus. We even included the mouse/keyboard combination “techniques” such as drilling down through the stacking order, rebuilding preferences, autoflowing text, forcing a screen redraw, and more.

We’ve been producing these since CS2, and have a few of the old ones left to give away at our events. All share the same basic design, but each comes in a distinctive and handsome color.

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