How to Find Things Here


This page has been deprecated. Please use Advanced Search to find content.

InDesignSecrets is big. There are over 2,000 blog posts, tutorials, suggestions, tips, and more. So how are you supposed to find just the right piece of information you’re looking for? Here are a few ideas.

  • The Search Tab: We use google search, so you can use the same kinds of advanced search techniques in our Search field (in the upper right corner of the page) as you might there. For example, instead of searching for effects, use some more specific words, such as wizard rankin (if you’re looking for Mike Rankin’s Wizard of Oz blog post). Similarly, instead of searching for span columns, you might consider searching for "span columns" (in quotes, so that it treats it as a phrase rather than just two independent words).
  • Resource Pages: We have several general purpose resource pages on the site, which each include links to other pages or other sites with great information. For example:
    • InDesign Templates: We know that a lot of InDesign users come to InDesignSecrets looking for templates. We licensed a bunch of them from Adobe and have them listed on this page for you use.
    • Learning GREP: All you want to know about this powerful but arcane feature in InDesign
    • Plug-ins and Scripts: Looking for a plug-in or a script? Start here!
    • Books and Videos: Every InDesign user should have a good reference book on their desk! Or, if you learn better by watching, check out one of these great videos.
  • The Blog Archive: You can search this blog archive page for a year’s worth of articles, or articles on a specific subject (tables, text, color, etc.), or articles by month. The amazing thing about InDesign is that most of the tutorials from 2006 and later are still good today!
  • Search by Author: We have some of the best InDesign experts in the world writing great stuff for you. If you find an author you like, you can find all their other work by clicking their name.
  • Topic Index: The InDesign Magazine Topic Index lists the article topics covered in every issue of the magazine. Each topic has a hyperlink you can click to jump to the relevant issue.
  • Podcasts: We have produced over 190 audio podcasts (like 20- or 30-minute radio shows) about InDesign for your listening pleasure — all free! You can find them all here on our Podcast page, then listen to them whenever you like, right from within your web browser. You can also subscribe to them in iTunes if you like listening to them there or in on your iOS device.