CreativePro Newsletter and Email FAQ

From time to time CreativePro will send out an additional sponsored email to members of the CreativePro newsletter list. These are sometimes sponsored emails and sometimes about our events, such as PePcon, the CreativePro conference, and The InDesign Conference. We are keenly aware that we all get too much email, and it’s important to minimize unwanted stuff in our InBox. However, we hope you’ll understand our position:

  • The CreativePro newsletters offer a service for free to the worldwide CreativePro community, along with thousands of free tips, tutorials, and more on We spend thousands of dollars a year just to keep it all going!
  • We rely largely on sponsors, ads, and memberships to cover our costs.
  • We send very few emails per month (usually just 1 or 2 extra sponsored emails per month, beyond the normal daily or weekly newsletter).
  • We actually have a lot of readers who are really grateful to hear about these kinds of offers.
  • If you no longer want to receive our free newsletters, you can always unsubscribe (there’s a link at the bottom of every one).

We hope you’ll be patient with us, and understand that the cost of getting all this free stuff from us is that you you’ll get a couple of extra emails each month, and may need to hit the Delete key a couple of times. Here are some additional frequently asked questions:

Q: Why are they asking for my credit card?!

A: We know that some sponsored emails direct you to sites that ask for your credit card. They do this for a number of reasons, including ensuring that the same person doesn’t sign up multiple times. Please note that a lot of sites these days capture your credit card before letting you get the freebies… even our good friends at does this with their special one-week free offer! The key is that you must remember to cancel within 7 days (or whatever the trial period is) or else they’ll charge you! We encourage you to set a reminder in your calendar or something!

Q: Why do I keep getting emails from them?

A: If you gave the company your email address, you will almost certainly get additional emails from them. If you’re tired of getting those emails, then just click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of their email. (There is always an unsubscribe link — sometimes we’ve noticed that it’s white text on white, but it’s there!)

Q: Did you give my email address to them?

A: No! We never give out or sell our email addresses to third-party sponsors. We value your privacy! We do all the mailing from our own secure mail servers.

Q: I thought it was a free offer, but they charged me anyway!

A: Sometimes, a sponsor will offer something for free (like a subscription or membership) but they’ll ask for your credit card. In those cases, they will also tell you how long you have to unsubscribe or cancel (usually something like one week). As we noted above, please put a reminder on your calendar! Some of these companies will issue a refund if you forget to cancel, but some won’t. No one likes getting charged for something unexpectedly, so please read the offer carefully before signing up!

Q: Where can I comment about an email I’ve received?

A: You can always reply to the email. We should see that reply. If you don’t hear back within a week, feel free to email info [at] Thank you!