Monthly Archives: December 2008

British Design Classics

The United Kingdom produced many iconic designs in the 20th Century, and to celebrate that, Royal Mail is launching the 2009 Special Stamp program. This program recognizes ten British design classics, from the distinctive lines of RJ Mitchell’s Spitfire fighter and the stylish chic of Mary Quant’s daring mini skirt to the calm of the […]

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2008's Unpredictable Logo Trends

In his article on, Bill Gardner says that unlike most years, logo trends in 2008 took unusual paths: “Instead of a hub-to-spoke relationship in which trends fan out from a central source, prevailing tendencies in logo design now seem to send out long underground runners that poke through the dirt in unrelated, unexpected places, […]

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TypeTalk: Hyphens at Your Discretion

TypeTalk is a regular blog on typography. Post your questions and comments by clicking on the Comments icon above. If Ilene answers your question in the blog, you’ll receive one Official T-Shirt! Q. An important job just came back from the printer with a hyphen in the middle of a word where it doesn’t […]

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Mudbug Releases Webify 1.1

Mudbug Software is delighted to announce Webify 1.1, an update to their popular image editing utility for Mac OS X Leopard. Serving as a easy-to-use image browser, Webify was specifically developed as a productivity tool to help prepare images for the web. Quickly and easily resize, scale, rotate and flip many images at once and […]

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Recession Tips For Web Designers

Celebrated Web designer, author, and speaker Jeffrey Zeldman has posted excellent tips for web designers fighting the recession on the Web site 24 Ways. “Bad times are hard on overweight companies and over-leveraged start-ups, but can be kind to freelancers and small agencies. Clients who once had money to burn and big agencies to help […]

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