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Updated Visual Guide to InDesign Preferences


A few years ago, I posted a visual guide to InDesign preferences, to help folks understand which preferences affect only the current document, and which ones affect all your documents. Now I’ve updated the guide to include all 19 tabs in the InDesign CC 2014 preferences dialog box.


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  • Highlighting the document-specific preferences in yellow is a great idea. Adobe should adopt a similar approach for the preferences in the next ID upgrade.

    A guide is good. Not needing a guide at all is even better.

  • Frederick Yocum says:

    Thanks Mike. Another useful resource!

  • M Joan says:

    Thank you for taking the time to create such a helpful guide. It isn’t often someone is so giving.
    I do appreciate your kindness.

  • Bret Linford says:

    Hi, Mike.

    Do you have one of these for CS6? Thanks!

  • Fugue says:

    I have 20 tabs. I have “UI Scaling” after “Interface”.

  • Jeremy Saum says:

    Thank you for this. If we set these preferences without a document open, will they be the default for all subsequent docs? We have trouble making “Use typographer’s quotes” stick in our office. It drives us nuts.

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