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      David Jeffery

      I have just opened an InDesign document I created in Aug 2022. I am now using InDesign v18.1 x42. It converted the document from Shivani.indd to Shivani[converted], as I see it does when you open documents created in previous versions.

      However, all my bulleted lists are no longer bulleted lists, they are just text, with the bullet symbol and a single space at the start of each line. When I select the text the bulleted list icon in “Bullets and Numbering” is no longer highlighted. But more of a problem is that clicking on “options” in “Bullets and Numbering” brings up the options dialogue but everything in the box is greyed out and cannot be selected.

      Is this a known issue? A feature? A bug or unintended consequence?

      Do I now have to go back through the document and remove all the bullet symbols and recreate the lists?

      Thank you.

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      Steve Davis

      Sign into CC and download the version of InDesign within which you created your document and check your lists there.
      Then resave your doc as INDD and IDML and open them in the current version.
      On verifying you have a bulleted list, it will then reveal if there indeed is a bug.

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        David Jeffery

        Excellent idea.

        Is there a way I can find out which version a file was created in?

        I have downloaded v17.3 and it does not show the lists as lists. I would have though this would have been the version used in Aug 2022?

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        David Jeffery

        v17.2 doesn’t show the document as [converted] and does not show the lists as lists. So there is probably some user error in there somewhere. At one point the text was in Google docs so I have probably exported it as plain text at some point and then exported it into InDesign.

        Thank you for pointing out how I could identify that it was I who am at fault, not InDesign.

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        Steve Davis

        “for every mistake we will surely be learning”

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      David Blatner

      So glad you got that worked out! It is scary when stuff like that happens and it’s unclear whether it’s the software or user error.

      But to answer one of your questions, there is a way to tell what version the document was created in:

      Tip of the Week: Accessing Document History

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        David Jeffery

        Thank you. What a great article. Now book marked.

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