Right Hemisphere(TM) Unveils Breakthrough in 3D Texturing and Painting for Deep Paint 3D(TM)

{bGames Developers Conference, Booth 1738: San Jose, CA – Right Hemisphere™ today announced the availability of Texture Weapons™, a set of advanced texturing and painting tools for Deep Paint 3D™ which offer enhanced productivity and distortion-free UV mapping to game developers and professional 3D artists. Deep Paint 3D is already established as the industry’s preferred texturing tool for users of 3D Studio MAX, Maya, SoftImage and Lightwave. The addition of Texture Weapons will solidify Deep Paint 3D as the first choice for serious 3D artists.

"Nothing is more challenging than trying to apply textures to an organic 3D model, without the telltale 3D signs of stretching, pinching and seams. For 3D games developers and professional artists, who require the most accurate and complete textures for their 3D models, Texture Weapons offers a breakthrough solution to some of the most frustrating and time consuming challenges in UV mapping," said Bill Fleming of Komodo Studio, Inc.

Texture Weapons includes Right Hemisphere’s MercatorUV™ technology, a powerful set of functions for automatic and manual UV map editing of complex 3D polygonal models. With MercatorUV, a task that would normally take an experienced operator hours of work, like mapping a 3D model of a car, can be accomplished in a single operation. The sides, roof, hood, trunk, wheels, fender and rear are automatically separated into discrete regions on the material bitmap. MercatorUV includes traditional spherical, planar and cylindrical UV mapping tools, and it allows the user to quickly apply these different mapping types to different parts of the same object or model. For example, a head may be spherically mapped but problem areas, such as the ears, may be separated and mapped with traditional planar or proprietary MercatorUV projections, enabling distortion-free painting and texturing of the model in Deep Paint 3D.

MercatorUV incorporates functions for scaling, moving, shearing, and rotating UV coordinates with a "dragnet" to quickly create smooth and even textures around complex surface features.

Also included in Texture Weapons is Right Hemisphere’s new projection paint feature. Until now, projection painting has only been available as part of high cost Unix-based 3D paint systems. Right Hemisphere’s projection paint allows a user to paint from any position in 3D space through an unlimited number of different planar projections with brush and texture size unaffected by UV coordinate variations.

Projection paint automatically compensates for the UV distortion, such as found on the top of a sphere, by distorting the painted bitmap when it is projected onto the object’s surface. The result is virtually distortion-free texturing over complex polygonal surfaces. It is now possible to paint seamlessly across multiple surfaces or patches with different UV coordinates, such as from the body to the arms of a character without texture discontinuities or changes in brush size. This function significantly reduces the time to texture 3D models for games, 3D web content or other 3D applications.

Several other features for enhancing texturing productivity are also included with Right Hemisphere’s Texture Weapons. "This is the most advanced set of texturing tools available to the professional 3D content creator," said Mark Thomas, President and CEO of Right Hemisphere. "Tasks that previously took hours or days can be accomplished in minutes, even seconds."

Texture Weapons will be demonstrated at the Game Developers Conference 2000, from March 10 to 12, in Booth 1738 at the San Jose Convention Center.

Pricing, Availability, Requirements
Texture Weapons will be available in Q2 2000, at $495, with a special introductory offer for existing Deep Paint 3D users of $395. Texture Weapons requires Deep Paint 3D. Deep Paint 3D is available from Right Hemisphere for $795, and requires a minimum of Pentium 100 MHz or compatible processor with Windows NT or 98, 64 MB of RAM, 30 MB of hard disk space, and 800 x 600 x 16 bit color graphics. A higher specification is recommended. A complete list of international dealers and distributors is available from Right Hemisphere at http://www.righthemisphere.com.

About Deep Paint 3D
Deep Paint 3D provides designers with authentic artistic media – such as oils, watercolors, crayons and pastels – that can be "brushed" directly onto 3D models. With a single stroke Deep Paint 3D paints complete material or shader definitions, and can be used to easily brush surface textures, such as skins or woods, directly onto objects. Other features include multi-layer support for bump, color, shine, opacity, and glow channels; 3D masking and selection tools, including a 3D polygon selection tool; full NURBS support for 3D studio MAX, Maya and Softimage; and much more.

About Right Hemisphere (http://www.righthemisphere.com)
Right Hemisphere was formed in 1995, to develop and market innovative software products for computer artists. Our primary commitment is developing and marketing innovative software products creating unmatched value and performance for digital artists. The privately funded company is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and has recently incorporated a US subsidiary, Right Hemisphere USA, with an office in Bellingham, Washington to manage North American sales, partnerships and distribution. Right Hemisphere USA can be reached at 360-738-7940 and its international headquarters in New Zealand at +64 9 309 3204.

Posted on: January 23, 2000

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