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No one person (or Web site) can contain every bit of knowledge about any particular subject anymore — the world is just too complex. So here are some of our favorite resources outside of

Lists of Links:

When a new InDesign video, article, or tutorial catches our eye, we write about it in our “This Week in Articles” series.

InDesign Wish List and Bug Reports

Is there a missing feature you really want to see Adobe add to InDesign, or an existing feature that isn’t working right? Be sure to check the InDesignSecrets Adobe InDesign Wish List page to see if someone has already written it up (and if so, you can put some votes toward it); or of course  you can write your own. We send Adobe regular reports of which features are getting the most votes, and they do pay attention! Also, be sure to file any InDesign bug or feature request the traditional way: vVsit Adobe’s Feedback page.

InDesign Plug-ins

You can find many great plug-ins listed here.

PDF Guides

Download our Field Guide to Hidden/Special Characters in InDesign, a 5-page PDF.


If you’re a serious InDesign user, you need a subscription to InDesign Magazine. You can also sign up for their free tip-of-the-week there (many of which were written by our own David Blatner).


Information on the Web is all very well and good, but we believe there is no real substitute for a good book on the subject. Click here for a list of books we recommend.


User Groups

The InDesign User Groups are a great place to get more information about InDesign. Check out a local meeting, or visit the Web site for information about what other groups are learning.

Online forums

You can post questions and read solutions at our own InDesignSecrets forum and Adobe’s InDesign forums.


Get together with several hundred of the world’s leading InDesign users and trainers at The Print & ePublishing Conference.

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