Recipes for Applying — and Ignoring — Text Wrap

This article is excerpted from the July/August 2004 issue of InDesign Magazine, #1. Buy this issue or subscribe to InDesign Magazine.

It doesn’t take long to discover the usefulness of InDesign’s Text Wrap feature. Among other things, it allows our text to have a more compatible relationship to adjacent graphics or even other text.

This article will have you mastering the basics of Text Wrap in seconds, then moving on to use it in more unusual ways that really spice up a layout.

NOTE: When this article first appeared, InDesign CS was the current version. Much of the information here still applies if you’re using later versions of InDesign; however, for a text-wrap article written when InDesign CS3 was the reigning champ, see “Take Control of Text Wrap.”

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Posted on: June 11, 2009

3 Comments on Recipes for Applying — and Ignoring — Text Wrap

  1. When first using InDesign I found the wrap on all layers as default to be annoying. The placement of the Ignore text wrap feature was initially hard to find, but there is also the option in Composition preferences to check the box to only have text wrap when text is beneath the object. I have found that to be more beneficial.

    The text wrap option apparently also does not like to wrap around .eps placed graphics.


  2. this tutorial is very useful

  3. Thanx for the post but it wasn’t exactly what I’m struggling with. May I please ask you about my problem?

    I have a polygon frame (because of the corner that is cut off) underneath. On top of that the squared paper with the coffee-stain. On top of that the text. I had to ‘Ignore Text Wrap’ to be able to see the text on top of the squared paper. But how do I get the text run around the coffee-stain? I tried to ad a shape (oval) over the coffee-stain (as I would in Quark) but the text ignores any text wrap I apply to the shape. No matter where it is located (in layers). I cannot send you a screen shot so I hope you will be able to visualize this and help me out. I am a bit frustrated about this…. Thnx a lot

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