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Podcast 312

  • In the news
  • All about Adobe InDesign 2024 (v19.0)
  • Adobe MAX 2023 review and ID Tips from Attendees
  • Obscure Feature of the Week: Show Structure

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  • Stephen Burdick says:

    Hey, great podcast! I’m going to start listening more regularly… Re: the Picard intro ‘description’ Anne-Marie asked about (great show, btw, I’ll have to shell out for season 3.). That’s an option in ‘second audio program’ (SAP) settings. Using my remote it’s the ‘down arrow’ while the show is playing to reveal menu options, then ‘left arrow’ to hilight closed captioning and SAP features. I use SAP to see if the program is available with Spanish audio, and if it’s not, sometimes plays the ‘descriptions for visually impaired’ instead. (I’m told that this feature is great fun to run during the last scenes of the ‘2001’ movie. Trippy af). Have fun! -SB

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