Photoshop How-To: Recreating Polaroid Image Transfers

Making Polaroid transfers is typically a photographic process done by transferring an image onto a wet or dry receptor surface. The process offers an endless amount of creative possibilities, often resulting in beautiful, unique artwork. Normally, you’d create a Polaroid transfer using Polaroid film, but with a little help from Photoshop, you can create the same results visually right on the computer (don’t tell Polaroid). Digital Transference In this article, we’ll show you how to digitally create three different types of image transfers. First, we’ll go over how to replicate the look of dry image transfers; then we’ll show you how to create an emulsion transfer, which is a wet transfer. And, last we’ll explain how to re-create the appearance of SX-70 Manipulations. All of these produce unique results. Note: To see actual examples of Polaroid image transfers, go to Then, select the Polaroid Education Program link. In the resulting window, choose the Create menu then click on Creative Imaging Techniques. There you can select from the various processes and see how each method is done traditionally. Dry Transfers To create the look of a dry Polaroid transfer, you’ll need an image that you want to digitally transfer as … Continue reading Photoshop How-To: Recreating Polaroid Image Transfers