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Issue 85: Color Management


May 2016

Color Management in InDesign

David Blatner shows how a few easy techniques can improve your colors immensely.

Multilingual Publishing

Guy van der Kolk discusses how to expand your linguistic horizons.

InDesigner: Patagonia in Japan

Diane Burns shares the story of a company with a message and a mission that show in its clothing and its designs.

InReview: i1DisplayPro and Spyder

Claudia McCue puts two worthy color calibration systems through their paces.

5 Ways to Get Pie Charts into InDesign

Chad Chelius cooks up five methods for presenting data in a tasty way.

Best of the Blogs

The most important and informative articles from InDesignSecrets, InCopySecrets, and EPUBSecrets

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Mike Rankin

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