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Issue 80: Template Tips

December 2015

Template Tips

Anne-Marie Concepción shares her favorite tips for making awesome InDesign templates.

Holiday Gift Guide

Jeff Gamet’s holiday gift guide has everything for the creatives and InDesign geeks on your list.

Calendar Magic!

Jeff Witchel takes you through the process of building calendars with an amazing script.

What’s New With InDesign CC 2015.2

Steve Werner details all the changes.

InStep: Optimizing Photos for the Web

Chad Chelius shows how to use InDesign to size and crop a batch of images for the web.

InDesign Conference Wrap-Up

Erica Gamet recaps the 2015 InDesign Conference in Denver.

GREP of the Month

Bart Van de Wiele shows how to target words with precision.

Best of the Blogs

The most important and informative articles from InDesignSecrets and InCopySecrets

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