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Issue 79: Tablet App Solutions

November 2015

Six Tablet App Solutions

Keith Gilbert reviews six major solutions for creating tablet apps from InDesign content.

5 Amazing Animations

Sandee Cohen and Diane Burns show how to add movement and interactivity to your layouts.

Getting the Most Out Of Cross-References

Jamie McKee takes the fear out of this useful feature and helps take you (and your reader) anywhere you want to go.

InType: Monospaced Fonts

Nigel French reminds us that “mono” does not mean “boring.” Far from it!

GREP of the Month: Section Heads

Peter Kahrel shows how to quickly add section heads to an index.


Erica Gamet shares a lot of time- and work-saving items we can be really thankful for.

Best of the Blogs

The most important and informative articles from InDesignSecrets and InCopySecrets

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