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Issue 77: Fresh Tips

September 2015

Fresh Tips

A big collection of tips and tricks from some of the world’s top InDesign experts, including Cari Jansen, Michael Ninness, Nigel French, David Blatner, and more!

Must-Have Add-Ons

Erica Gamet shares her list of must-have add-ons for boosting your InDesign productivity.

InStep: Using Adobe Comp

Say goodbye to the cocktail napkin—Conrad Chavez introduces you to the mobile app for sketching InDesign layouts.

GREP of the Month: Creating a Custom Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

Jean-Claude Tremblay shows how to create a beautiful guide to your custom keyboard shortcuts (and learn a little GREP along the way).

InDesigner: Publish Online

Anne-Marie Concepción surveys some of the coolest publications made with Adobe’s new Publish Online service.

Best of the Blog

The most important and informative articles from InDesignSecrets

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