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Issue 57: Photography

December 2013 / January 2014

Designing Photo Albums in InDesign

Khara Plicanic covers everything you need to know to efficiently build beautiful photo albums in InDesign.

Import More Images in Less Time

Conrad Chavez and Bart Van de Wiele detail three ways to quickly add lots of photos to an InDesign layout.

InDesign Templates for Photographers

Pariah Burke reveals the amazing number and variety of InDesign templates available on the Internet for photographers.

InPerson: Douglas Waterfall

David Blatner interviews InDesign’s Chief Architect at Adobe to find out how new features are developed and what’s next for InDesign CC.

Fiddling Around with File Formats

Sandee Cohen and David Blatner discuss the best (and worst) file formats to use for graphics in InDesign.

InType: More or Less?

Nigel French takes a fascinating and fun look back at the grungy type of the ’90s and its ancestors.

InDesigner: LensWork

Pam Pfiffner looks at magazine devoted to black and white photography.


New & Improved Products by Jeff Gamet

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