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Issue 128: InDesign in India

December 2019

InDesign in India

David Blatner takes a look at the work of InDesign users from the second most populous country in the world.

Indic and InDesign

Anil Ahuja describes the fundamentals of setting type in Indic scripts.

Variable Fonts

Scott Citron has all the details about a revolutionary new font technology supported in InDesign 2020.

Book Excerpt: Typography Essentials

Tips for working with case, leading, images, and more from the latest edition of Ina Saltz’s indispensable typographic guide.

Best of the Blog

The most important and informative articles from InDesignSecrets and CreativePro


Editor’s Note: We have discontinued the 2-up PDF for print. If you want to print a 2-up version, don’t worry. It’s easy. Just download the current issue PDF and use the settings in the Print dialog box to output a 2-up version.

Here’s how to do it in Adobe Acrobat or Reader:

In Page Sizing & Handling click Multiple.

Then, in Pages per sheet choose Custom: 1 by 2.

Orientation: Portrait.

Here’s how to do it in Apple Preview:

In Layout setting choose Orientation: Landscape

Pages per Sheet: 2

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