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Issue 12: Importing XML Into InDesign


June/July 2006

InDepth: Import XML into InDesign

Sarah O’Keefe proves that XML is not a four-letter word.

InStep: Movies in InDesign?

David Blatner shows you how to embed movies and animations.

InDepth: Asian Languages

Diane Burns continues her series on typesetting and layout in languages other than English.

Inside InDesign: How I Do It

In this new column, a creative pro shares best practices.

InQuestion: Sandee Cohen

Sandee answers your questions. Send her one today!

InDesigners: Trek Travel

You can’t vacation all your life, so you might as well design trip catalogs for a living. Terri Stone talks to Trek Travel’s Tricia Burke.

InBooks: Master Tabs and Tables

Nigel French helps you tackle bullet lists and complex tables.

InReview: 3 Cropmark Plug-Ins

Sandee Cohen tells you which one is right for your work.

InReview: Layer Groups

John Cruise gives a thumbs up to this layer manager.

InBrief: Helpful Products

Jeff Gamet gives you the basics on what’s new and improved.

In the News

Sneak peek into InDesign CS3; Conference report.

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