Exchange thousands and decimal indicators

The script changes English-style numbers (decimal points, commas for thousands separators) to non-English style (decimal commas, periods for thousands separators) or the other way around.

The script has no interface. It simply exchanges one style for the other in what's selected when you run it. That selection can be one of the following three types:

  1. Select nothing at all to process a whole document.
  2. Select some text to process just the selection.
  3. Select a text frame to process the story of which the selected text frame's content is part. Note: to process the contents of just one text frame, select the contents of that frame, not the frame itself. This goes only for threaded frames: to process an unthreaded frame, it doesn't matter whether you select that frame or its contents.

Version history

9 May 2021: The script didn't work well with selections in/of tables. Fixed.

26 Feb. 2019: Fixed an incompatibility.

14 Feb. 2011: Posted.

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