Show a document's fonts with type and status

From CC 2014, InDesign's Find Font dialog no longer shows the type and status of a document's fonts. The script fixes that. Run the script with a document open and it shows the fonts status and type as shown in the screenshot.

Show font status and type

Font type: Can be ATC, Bitmap, CID, OCF, OpenType CCF, OpentType CID, OpenType TT, Truetype, Type 1, or Unknown. Adobe fonts have (AK) affixed to their type.

Font status: Fauxed, Installed, Not available, Substituted, or Unknown.

To show more details of a font, select it and click Details. This opens a new window and simply lists all font properties exposed to scripting and the type sizes used in the document.

Show font details

To save the contents of the dialog to a file, click Save; the file is stored on your desktop under the name ShowFonts.txt and will be opened and displayed immediately.

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Version history

23 Nov. 2021: The details window now shows the type sizes of the font's occurrences.

13 May 2021: Added an indication of whether a font is synced from Adobe Fonts.

6 May 2018: Added an indication of whether a font is a Typekit font.

13 July 2016: The script needed the Windows 10 update to ensure that the list is displayed correctly.

7 July 2015: The close button on the dialog's frame doesn't show on the Mac, so I added a button to close the window.

9 March 2015: First posted.

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