GREP style report (CS4 and later)

The script creates a list of all GREP styles defined in a document's paragraph styles. The screenshot shows some sample output. The name of the paragraph style is printed after Paragraph style:. Under that heading follow pairs of lines. In each pair, the first line is the name of the character style applied by the GREP expression shown in the second line.

GREP report styles

Styles in style groups are shown in the format myStyleGroup > mySubGroup > myStyle.


Open the document whose GREP styles you want printed and run the sript; it has no interface.

Version history

9 Nov. 2012: Fixed some errors in the order in which the styles are listed. And the script no longer needs the template document, it creates styles on the fly.

10 Sept. 2011: The script now includes styles in style groups.

Nov. 2009: First posted.

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