Footnote–endnote conversion

The script works only in CC2018 and later. It has no interface.

To use the script, open a document and run it. The script uses the document's note scope (story or document), so that story endnotes are placed at the end of their parent stories and document endnotes are moved to the end of the document.

For styles, the script uses the character style and paragraph style set up in the endnote in the document's Endnote options window (Type > Document Endnote Options).

Version history

24 June 2021: The end_to_static_CC2018.jsx script now handles table notes. The footnote-to-end-note and endnote-to-footnote scripts are no longer needed now that InDesign natively converts notes.

14 Oct. 2018: end_to_static_CC2018.jsx needed an update to deal with a change in CC2019.

16 June 2018: end_to_static_CC2018.jsx made a mess of documents containing footnotes in addition to endnotes. Fixed.

15 May 2018: end_to_static_CC2018.jsx needed a fix to deal with tables.

6 Mar. 2018: end_to_foot_CC2018.jsx sometimes crashed InDesign. Fixed (probably).

21 Oct. 2017: Posted.

Convert endnotes to static endnotes

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