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CreativePro Magazine Issue 4: The Roots of Efficiency

CreativePro Magazine Issue 4 cover

February 2022

The Roots of Efficiency

A thoughtful approach to getting more done in less time without selling your soul (or losing your mind)

Image Tracing in Illustrator

Turn images created outside of Illustrator into fully editable vector artwork.

Monochrome Magic

Learn how to get the best results when converting photos from color to black and white.

Magnificent Mock-ups

When you want to showcase digital products that can’t be photographed, it’s time for a mock-up.

Creating Accessible PDF Forms

Making fillable PDF forms accessible is possible if you take the right approach.

Using Photoshop’s Harmonization Filter

Learn how to make images from different sources look as if they belong together.

Exploring Color Combinations with Data Merge

Show all permutations of colors in a logo with the help of Data Merge.

Add a New Text Frame in the Middle of a Thread in InDesign

Add frames in the middle of a story, with the help of a script and a keyboard shortcut.

Using Illustrator’s Blob Brush

Create hand-drawn filled vector shapes.

Pantone Color Libraries Are Leaving the Adobe Apps

The process and cost of accessing Pantone colors in Adobe applications is changing.

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