CreativePro Magazine Issue 11: Accessibility

CreativePro Magazine Issue 11 cover

September 2022

Accessibility Features and Limitations in InDesign

What InDesign does great(and not so great )when it comes to creating an accessible PDF

Writing Effective Alt Text

Learn how to evaluate graphic content and provide meaningful descriptions.

Considerate Color

With a little extra care you can choose effective colors for the broadest possible audience.

InReview: MadeToTag

Accelerate and simplify the process of creating fully compliant accessible PDF files

Creating Cutout Image Effects with Photoshop

Learn how to make a graphic style that simulates layers of cutout paper and shadows for a layered 3D effect.

What’s New in Illustrator: The July 2022 Release (Version 26.4)

Lists, a History panel, and new 3D features have been added to Illustrator.

Working with Guides in Photoshop

Use these handy shortcuts when working with guides in Photoshop.

Book Review: Pencil: Do More Art

A clear and concise guide to exploring the wider world of graphite possibilities

Using Envelope Distort in Illustrator

Stretch, squeeze, and warp artwork or text to any shape.

Revealing Word Counts with Nested Styles in InDesign

See at a glance the word or character counts in every paragraph.

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