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InDesign and Advertising

This article appeared in Issue 136 of InDesign Magazine. How to control advertising projects in InDesign. Whether you work in an in-house graphics department, at an agency, or as a freelancer, the chances are at some point in your career you will have to build layouts for some sort of advertising campaign, big or small. Most advertising […]

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Book Excerpt: InDesign Course and Compendium

This article appeared in Issue 136 of InDesign Magazine. In the following excerpt from his book Adobe InDesign CC: A Complete Course and Compendium of Features*, Steve Laskevitch shows how to work with long document features like tables of contents, text variables (which you can use to control things like chapter numbers and running headers), and cross-references.

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Optimizing Your Workspace

This article appeared in Issue 136 of InDesign Magazine. Bill Carberry shows how to make the most of your screen real estate by building the best custom workspaces for your projects. A workspace is the arrangement of your panels, such as Properties, Paragraph Styles, and Character Styles, that you can save and switch between using the Workspace […]

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InDesigner: Raphaël Freeman

This article appeared in Issue 136 of InDesign Magazine. Addison Lalier shows how one designer has mastered the complex layouts and typesetting of multilingual Bible publishing. Have you ever wondered who produces Bibles? More specifically, who designs the layout and typesets the content? Look no further! I spoke with Raphaël Freeman, owner of Renana Typesetting in Modi‘in, […]

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Creating Gradient Maps With Fixel Recolor

Changing the color tone of an image to match another image is possible using Photoshop’s Match Color dialog, but it’s an inexact science. You can normally get better results by creating a custom Gradient Map; creating these maps is not straightforward, however, and requires no small degree of skill. Fixel Recolor is a $30 plugin that […]

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InDesign Magazine Issue 136: Advertising

We’re happy to announce that InDesign Magazine Issue #136 (August 2020) is now available! Here’s what the issue includes: InDesign & Advertising Alan Gilbertson shares his workflow for efficiently building multiple layouts for advertising campaigns. Optimizing Your Workspace Bill Carberry shows how to tidy up InDesign’s user interface and make the most of your screen real […]

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