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Podcast 226

ITUNES RSS FEED DOWNLOAD In this episode: News: InDesign Tips at Adobe MAX 2015 Our latest InDesign titles at Gearing up for the InDesign Conference and the Photoshop Conference! Interview with Erica Gamet Publish Online feature: Pros, Cons, and more Ranting about the CC App Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Show Content Offset News and special […]

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Artistry Set in Stone

When I think of creative pros, my mind first wanders to those working in the digital, print, and type realms. Branching out from there I think about illustrators, sculptors, painters, and similar crafts. But one profession I never really gave much thought to was one that combines a little of each of these disciplines: the […]

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Exploring OpenType Pro Fonts, Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we looked at many useful features of OpenType fonts. Let’s complete our review of typographic gems by checking out the options for figures. OpenType Numerals One of OpenType’s many useful features is the ability to manage different styles of numerals within a single font. When you’re working with typefaces that offer both […]

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Scanning Around With Gene: Painting With Air

Originally published December 29, 2011 When I came across a 1947 edition of “Painting With Air” (published by the Paasche Airbrush Company and written by Frank J. Knaus), I assumed the airbrush had lost favor in our digital times. Once a standard for photo retouching and original illustration, the airbrush was a common tool in […]

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