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Podcast 225

ITUNES RSS FEED DOWNLOAD In this episode: News: Recording across the table from each other! (a little echo-y) Come see us at Adobe MAX David’s speaking at the LA IDUG PePcon 2016: Registration is Open! The Urge to Merge: All about combining INDD files Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Prevent Selection of Locked Objects News and […]

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Scanning Around With Gene: Getting Your Kinks at Home

Originally published December 29, 2010 One of my favorite magazines, at least from a vintage perspective, is Popular Mechanics. You can find nearly every issue going back to 1905 at Google Books. For many years (back as far as 1908), Popular Mechanics Press, the parent company to the magazine, published a series of special editions […]

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Free Videos: Special Table Effects

When I think of InDesign tables, I think of one InDesign expert more than any other: Diane Burns. So it’s totally fitting (and totally awesome) that Diane has brand new course called InDesign Tables in Depth. The course contains almost 50 videos, covering every aspect you’d need to understand to become a total Jedi […]

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InCopy Packaging Pitfalls

Several posts ago, I described the remote InCopy workflow that allows remote InCopy users to check out stories, make edits and check them back in without ever having to step foot in the office. It’s a powerful workflow but at a recent engagement with a client I was reminded of a few pitfalls with this […]

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A Script to Show Options for Placed Files

  When you use File > Place you are given a dialog box with a choice to Show Import Options. Tip: Hold down Shift when opening a file and Import Options automatically opens without having to select it. Import Options allow you do control certain aspects of the placed file, including cropping, visible layers, image proxies, color profiles, clipping […]

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