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Making a Custom Composition Highlighter to Find Invisible Characters

Trog, in a tweet, wrote: is there a way to add custom composition highlights ex. soft & hard return invis. characters? Interesting question! Highlights are usually used to find special or problematic formatting. We’ve talked about InDesign’s composition highlights feature several times (such as this overview, and this clever tip from Mr. Rankin). But this […]

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Podcast 211

Podcast 211 slide

ITUNES RSS FEED DOWNLOAD view the transcript of this podcast. In this episode: News: PePcon 2015 announced, Adobe releases CC 2014, InDesign Conference, new videos PePcon 2014 highlights and our favorite sessions and new tips New features in InDesign CC 2014 Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Ink Alias News and special offers from our sponsors: […]

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InDesign Magazine’s Guide to Graphics File Formats

by Sandee Cohen and David Blatner This article was originally published in InDesign Magazine issue 57 (December 2014–January 2014). Subscribe now! *** Some designers who grew up in the days before InDesign were taught to only use EPS or TIFF files. Others, who grew up in the days of the web and smartphone cameras, can’t imagine anything except […]

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InDesign Secrets Video: Using Preflight to Find Common Errors

In the latest episode of InDesign Secrets on, Anne-Marie Concepción describes a terrible malady that has bedeviled some InDesign users for years. It’s called Live Preflight Blindness and it causes you to not notice InDesign’s Live Preflight feature working at the bottom of the document window to show you potential errors like missing links, broken URLs, […]

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A Shortcut to View Pages Horizontally

This post was inspired by InDesign Secrets editor Mike Rankin’s comments about what happens when he selects Digital Publishing as the intent for a new document. From Mike: This has been bugging me for a long time: every time I create a new document with digital publishing intent, the pages panel switches to display pages […]

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Excerpted from Real World Print Production with Adobe Creative Cloud by Claudia McCue. Copyright © 2014. Used with permission of Pearson Education, Inc. and Peachpit Press. * * * Since the dawn of desktop publishing, it’s been unquestioned that Thou Shalt Convert to CMYK. Those who submitted RGB files were considered uninformed, even uncivilized. The rules are […]

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