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Podcast 210

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ITUNES RSS FEED DOWNLOAD view the transcript of this podcast. In this episode: News: InDesign Conference 2014, CC update, Mike Rankin new EIC of A few great third-party companies you should know about The State of the Flattening Universe: Still need to flatten transparency when exporting to PDF for press? Obscure InDesign Feature of the […]

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Everyday Actions For Photoshop

Actions have been a part of Photoshop for decades now, but many people simply fall into the habit of performing the same steps over and over without ever thinking of recording an action. However, short actions are easy to record, easier to run, and automating ordinary tasks leaves you freer to create. Over the next […]

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InDesign Secrets Video: Finding the Right Font

In the latest episode of InDesign Secrets on, Anne-Marie Concepción shares some great tips and tricks for using InDesign’s fonts menus (found in the Control panel, Type menu, and Character panel). In the video, Anne-Marie shows the new features for searching fonts and creating a group of favorite fonts in InDesign CC. Both are hugely helpful […]

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Find Out What’s Coming Soon to Adobe Creative Cloud

If you want to be among the first to know what’s next for Adobe Creative Cloud, you might want to highlight June 18th, 1PM Eastern on your calendar. That’s when Adobe will reveal “the next evolution of Creative Cloud.” Viewers of the streaming keynote presentation are promised a peek at hundreds of new features, all-new […]

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Applying Flexible Paragraph Spacing in InDesign

When it comes to creating space between paragraphs in InDesign we generally use the Space Before and Space After options. These settings suffice for continuous text flow. However when I work on single-frame stories, there are times when I wish I had access to what I’d call ‘flexible paragraph spacing’ in InDesign. I use two workarounds […]

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10 InDesign Preferences You Must Change Today

By Kelly Kordes Anton InDesign CC makes a lot of assumptions about you. For example, it’s pretty sure that your world view is pretty Dark. It thinks you understand picas. And it’s pretty sure that you don’t want to take advantage of that gorgeous display your monitor offers. I can’t tell you why it makes […]

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Using the Rectangle Frame Tool to Add Hyperlinks

Google Map short link

by Ben Richardson Adding hyperlinks to interactive PDF files in InDesign isn’t anything new. We’ve all been doing it since we started using InDesign, and it’s something quite easy to pick up. This tutorial is about a less conventional (but just as easy) way of making hyperlinks using invisible rectangles that you create with the Rectangle Frame Tool. […]

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