Monthly Archives: August 2013

Take Charge With Adobe Bridge: Controlling Chaos with Metadata — Part 1

All of us, from photographers to production artists, from web designers to illustrators, have more files stored on our mega terabyte disks and servers than we can reasonably wade through when trying to retrieve that one specific file. Folders and file-naming conventions help us organize, but opening each folder, one level at a time, is […]

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Tips for creating ad-hoc bookmarks

InDesign’s Bookmarks panel (Window > Interactive > Bookmarks) provides an easy way to add bookmarks to be included as an aid to navigation in an exported PDF. Kelly Vaughan has written an excellent post about how to create these bookmarks using InDesign’s Table of Contents feature. But what if you haven’t used Paragraph Styles consistently […]

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Capturing Metadata with the Kodak Autographer System…A Century Ago

It feels funny to write a “news” story about something that was news nearly 100 years ago, but this little bit of photo history was just too cool not to share. The excellent historical website recently posted some vintage ads for the Kodak Autographic system, which allowed your great granddaddy (or someone’s great granddaddy) to write […]

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Free Webinar on Calendar Design: 365 Days of Awesome

Calendars can be effective marketing tools, keeping your company’s image in fron to potential customers the whole year long. They can also be a lot of fun to create, but you do need to understand the best practices for calendar design and production to get the best results. is sponsoring a free webinar called […]

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