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Camper Obscura

There are lots of ways to teach a subject like photography, but how do you really make a memorable lesson that sticks in people’s brains? UK photographers Jonathan Blyth and Matthew Pontin have taken their lesson to the streets—literally—by converting a VW camper van into an enormous camera on wheels that they call Camper Obscura.  Sponsored by the non-profit […]

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10 Essential Tips for InDesign

These tips originally appeared in InDesign Magazine. To have new InDesign tips delivered directly to your inbox each week, subscribe to the InDesign Magazine Tip of the Week. 1. Where is that pesky font? If you search for a missing font with Find Font, but you can’t see the text on the page, hit Cancel (to close […]

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25 Gorgeous Typographic Experiments

Ah, typography! Is there anything that inspires print designers more? No? Then get inspired by these creative type experiments. Type Has MusclesMuscle car-inspired typography. Vroom! Skate Park TypeOllie the alphabet CafégrafiaAmped up type made from coffee grounds Hand-Made Type—Literally! Helvetica ExperimentsLove it or hate it, Helvetica makes for slick treatments. George StoyanovDesign and typography love […]

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The New Look of Money

When the topic of money comes up in design circles, it’s usually in the context of a discussion of freelance rates, or the price of software. But here’s a story about the design of money. Specifically, the new U.S. $100 bill, which was unveiled by the Federal Reserve yesterday. The new bills, which go into […]

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