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Best of the Blogs: Old School and New Skills

Typography The most popular fonts of 2011, according to sales at, cover all categories — serif, sans, slab, script — so it’s hard to detect a single typographic trend. (I’d venture hand-lettered fonts.) But what is clear from this list of bestsellers is that terrific type is available from international boutique foundries, such as […]

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Scanning Around With Gene: Colorful Produce Crate Labels

When railroads became a dominant form of transportation, and especially after the completion of the trans-continental railway in 1869, it was possible for farmers to ship their goods great distances. And with the advent of the refrigerated rail car, the concept of nearly year-round availability of produce became a reality. Fruits and vegetables were shipped […]

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J.C. Penney Logo Changes Again

Eleven months ago, J.C. Penney rolled out a new logo created by third-year graphic design student Luke Langhus: While some of you thrashed the redesign, I thought it was a serviceable attempt that at least didn’t throw out decades of brand equity. And it was certainly more successful than this short-lived redesign fiasco (created not […]

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