Monthly Archives: September 2008

iTravelstock Launches

Art Life Images releases its first major stock image collection since launching online in 2007. The iTravelstock collection addresses a growing trend of requests for “active travel” imagery, focusing on the features and characteristics of a location, but also including enthusiast activities that make the location a destination. Chris DeLellis founder of Art Life Media, […]

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Be a Hound for Baskerville

UKType and the Baskerville Project are searching high and low, near and far, across oceans and around the globe, and even surfing the information superhighway for examples of John Baskerville’s most elegant and sublime typeface. These images of Baskerville will be included in the closing scenes of the short animated film, Baskerville. Join the hunt […]

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Get Creative Video: News for the Week of September 29, 2008

Sponsored by iStockPhoto.   Master in a Minute Apply custom drop shadow to multiple items simultaneously in Adobe InDesign. News Now that the big Adobe CS4 product announcements are out, our friends at < target=new> have launched “CS4 University,” which includes more than 30 different CS4 training tutorials totaling more 100 hours of new […]

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Tug and Twirl Text in Illustrator

There are thousands of wonderful typefaces, but sometimes nothing is just right. You don’t have to settle for someone else’s vision — instead, modify letters in Adobe Illustrator to create exactly what you want. When you outline text, Illustrator converts each letter to an object with paths and points, which you can select and adjust. […]

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