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The Little Shop of Colors

The first color-measurement device I tested was the Colortron. That clever instrument was my trusty companion for several years, as I dragged it around the world, demonstrating it to people who attended my seminars. What is a Colortron, you ask? The Colortron is a spectrophotometer used to gather color information about a reflective or transmissive […]

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Picture-Perfect Printing: The Epson Stylus Photo 870 and 875DC

Epson’s Stylus Photo 875DC printer comes on the heels of the recently released Stylus Photo 870. The printers are identical in all major printing specifications and are essentially narrow-carriage versions of the Epson 1270, but the 875DC adds a PC card slot and an adapter for CompactFlash (CF) memory cards. This feature is designed to […]

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dot-font: A Dialogue with the Typographic Past

Recently, Hartley & Marks did us the enormous favor of bringing A Short History of the Printed Word, Warren Chappell’s memorable 1970 survey, back into print. More accurately, this publisher gave us a new edition, revised and updated by Robert Bringhurst. The posthumous collaboration of Chappell and Bringhurst (Warren Chappell died in 1991) seems appropriate. […]

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Managing Your Images

Version: 4 Operating systems: Macintosh, Windows Picture management is an important part of every project. Since the images inside your QuarkXPress documents are just low-resolution placeholders, as illustrated in Figure A, knowing the location of the real images is crucial to getting good output. When it’s time to print the document, QuarkXPress locates the original […]

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Epson Stylus Photo 2000P Promises Archival-Quality Prints

Inkjet printers have made amazing leaps in image quality over the past few years, to the point that you can print photographic images of stunning quality with models by Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark and Canon. As impressive as these images can be, however, a harsh reality remains: Most photos printed with desktop inkjet printers will fade […]

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Epson’s PhotoPC 3000Z Vies for Top Image-Quality Honors

Competing head-to-head with venerable favorites from Nikon and Olympus, the $999 Epson PhotoPC 3000Z stands out as Epson America’s most ambitious digital camera to date. In image quality, this 3-megapixel model rivals the best that Nikon and Olympus have to offer for the price, and the camera packs enough features to satisfy even serious shutterbugs. […]

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