April 2000

The Right White Light

We live with metamerism. It skulks around and tricks us into seeing things that aren’t as they appear. Or maybe it tries to get us to see things that don’t appear [...]

April 27, 2000 // 2 Comments

Give ColorSync a Chance

If you’ve had enough of Harry Potter and want a little more scintillating reading, check out Apple’s ColorSync listserver. Accessible through the ColorSync page [...]

April 26, 2000 // 2 Comments

Page Layout is a Dead-End Street

For a good laugh, try walking into a public library and asking if they have books that discuss the relative scratchiness of Ewok and Wookie fur. Of course, the laughter will [...]

April 18, 2000 // 9 Comments

Teaching Tomorrow’s Creatives

Not too long ago, I was invited to make a presentation at our neighborhood elementary school’s Career Day. I happily accepted the invitation, as I always enjoy spending [...]

April 14, 2000 // 6 Comments

Xaos Tools: Total Xaos

(C|Net Builder.com) – Total Xaos bundles together three powerful plug-ins that make it easy to create painted effects, geometric patterns, and 3D text. These tools are [...]

April 12, 2000 // 0 Comments

Creo and Scitex Play Hardball

The prepress world shook last week when the merger -slash- acquisition -slash- “decision to unite our strengths and work together” became final: Creo and Scitex [...]

April 12, 2000 // 0 Comments

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