Scanning Around With Gene: The Images of Autumn

When I was growing up in southern California, the change of seasons was most noticeable in the lower hourly rates charged at beach parking lots. The only changing fall colors in Los Angeles are the intensity of people’s tans.

So when I moved to northern California, I was glad to be far enough north to get a hint of what fall is really all about. I live near wine country and the intensity of colors in the vineyards is impressive, though it still pales in comparison to some communities in the Northeast.

But fall is much more than changing colors. I’ve come to appreciate it as my favorite time of year, for all sorts of reasons. So today I thought I’d look at a variety of fall images that evoke the spirit of the season. Click on any image for a larger view.

These first two images are from publisher Currier & Ives, the third is a tobacco label, all from 1871.

Technically, autumn begins in late September and ends in late December, but where I live and in my mind autumn begins on Halloween and ends on Thanksgiving. It’s a pretty short window, but it has an emotional as well as meteorological significance. These four images are from 1936 and 1937 and were posters for the Works Progress Administration art project.

Fall fruits and vegetables are among my favorites — I love grapes, apples, squash, pumpkins, and everything corn. Fall is also mushroom season.

Though animals aren’t particularly seasonal, of course we associate turkeys with autumn, and I have noticed more deer out and about in my neighborhood. It’s also bat season, at least around my house. Every creature seems to be on the move, preparing for the coming winter.

Even though many of us are shocked enough that Halloween is already here, I hate to tell you that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. There’s something about fall, perhaps because of all the holidays, that makes it zip by. It certainly seems like the shortest and most dramatic season.

One of my favorite parts of fall is the smells. There’s wind in the air, fires starting to burn in neighborhood fireplaces, and lots of cooking. It’s a very comforting part of the year and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Autumn is the time of year when I like to make big decisions. There’s an inevitability about the season — we know winter is coming and the year will soon be over. Leaves fall in mass and you have to give in to nature. It’s getting colder, but it’s still invigorating to be outside, especially on a windy fall day. I just love it.

And if you live in Los Angeles, it’s a much better bargain to go to the beach!

Posted on: October 30, 2009

Gene Gable

Gene Gable has spent a lifetime in publishing, editing and the graphic arts and is currently a technology consultant and writer. After a decade in commercial typesetting and design services, he chronicled the desktop-publishing revolution from his post as publisher and president of Publish magazine. With nine international editions, Publish became the leading global resource on the use of digital technology for print and Web production. Gable served on the operational boards of International Data Group's PCWorld, The Web and PC Games magazines and was earlier publisher of Sporting Times magazine. During his tenure at Ziff-Davis Gable was on the executive team responsible for major business events such as Comdex, Networld+Interop and JavaOne. As president of Seybold Seminars and publisher of The Seybold Report, Gable managed a global slate of conferences, trade shows and other graphic-arts educational products. During his leadership Seybold events featured prominent speakers such as Arthur Sulzberger Jr., publisher of the New York Times, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer, Christie Hefner, president of Playboy Enterprises, Bruce Chizen, CEO of Adobe Systems, and Daniel Carp, CEO of Eastman Kodak. Gable has spoken at events around the world and has written extensively on graphic design, intellectual-property rights, and publishing production in books and for magazines such as Print, U&lc, ID, Macworld, Graphic Exchange, AGI, and The Seybold Report. His clients have included A-list brands in technology and financial services. Gable's interest in graphic design history and letterpress printing resulted in his popular columns "Heavy Metal Madness" and "Scanning Around with Gene" here on Follow Gene on Twitter

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  1. I come from Upstate Ny…. lol. Gene, you missed it on this post! just not cozy enough pictures. some of them are baffliing. I still love ya though!

  2. I come from Wisconsin, reside in Texas. I appreciate every image you posted! Thanks for your time and insight! Gene, “Happy Holidays”.

  3. Fun, I grew up in the midwest and am still in the area. I love Southern CA but love the change of seasons. So, glad you have the opportunity to have a “short Fall” and probably a fairly mild winter. Looking forward to some snowy scenes. Thanks.

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  5. I love Southern CA but love the change of seasons. So, glad you have the opportunity to have a “short Fall” and probably a fairly mild winter. Looking forward to some snowy scenes. Thanks.diesel jeans
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  6. I’m in Indiana and we pick morel mushrooms in the spring. I’ve not heard of any edible mushrooms that come in the fall. Any ideas for around here?

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