Photoshop Fundamentals

Excerpted from “Real World Adobe Photoshop CS2.” Published by Peachpit Press.

Do you ever work with images that are flat, washed out, too dark, or have a bad color cast? You don’t have to accept those failings. Instead, try a few basic steps to bring them back to life.

Learn how to take blah photos like this from wash out to knock out.

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Excerpted from Real World Adobe Photoshop CS2 by Bruce Fraser and David Blatner. Copyright © 2006. Used with permission of Pearson Education, Inc. and Peachpit Press.


Posted on: January 3, 2007

Bruce Fraser

Self-confessed "color geek" Bruce Fraser wrote, taught, and consulted on publishing, imaging, and color issues for more than two decades. Bruce published hundreds of articles on color management and color image reproduction. He was the co-author of the award-winning "Real World Photoshop" series, as well as "Real World Color Management," all from Peachpit Press. He was also a founder and principal of Pixel Genius, an industry think-tank and developer of the PhotoKit.

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