Extracting Hair in Photoshop with Russell Brown

Through a special arrangement with Adobe, creativepro.com is posting nifty Photoshop tips and techniques by Russell Brown, Adobe’s digital imaging guru and Photoshop maestro. As one of the original contributors to Photoshop, Russell knows the program inside and out. Don’t know who Russell is? Find out!

Anyone who’s ever done masking in Photoshop knows how frustrating it is to work on image with hair. In this PDF tutorial, “Extracting Hair,” Russell shows you how to isolate wispy tendrils of hair with ease, using Photoshop’s Extract command. It’s better than giving your image subjects a buzz cut.

To get started, open the PDF file.


Posted on: January 30, 2002

Russell Brown

Russell Brown is the Senior Creative Director at Adobe Systems Incorporated as well as an Emmy Award-winning instructor. His ability to bring together the world of design and software development is a perfect match for Adobe products. In Russell’s decades of creative experience at Adobe, he has contributed to the evolution of Adobe Photoshop with feature enhancements, advanced scripts, and most recently Flash panel development.

9 Comments on Extracting Hair in Photoshop with Russell Brown

  1. I would love to read the article but it does not load.

  2. Russell Brown did a great job introducing this feature… I wish he included more details.

  3. If the PDF file didn’t load, please download the Acrobat Viewer and try agin. We did test this article on both PCs and Macs with both browsers (and several versions of those browsers) so it does work.
    Pamela Pfiffner, editor in chief

  4. You’d think RB could have updated this ancient PDF. Didn’t we bury Photohop 5 almost 2 years ago? Maybe he was too busy thinking up stupid jokes?

  5. The article was very informative, however I am not able to print it to keep a copy for easy reference.

  6. The article was very informative, however I am not able to print it to keep a copy for easy reference.

  7. Thank you, this was a lifesaver.

  8. The very first instruction says go into Image and select Extract. There is no Extract under Image in Photoshop. This tutorial was a failure from the get-go.

  9. Check the publication date on this article: 2002. The instructions were correct for the version of Photoshop that was current in 2002.

    For a Photoshop CS5 tutorial on masking hair, see http://creativepro.com/article/mask-flyaway-hair-moments-using-photoshop

    Terri Stone
    Editor in Chief, CreativePro.com

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